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For the people of Wallingford...

For the People of Wallingford - It's your town; get informed, get involved

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thank you Wallingford Voters

I am sitting in Washington Dulles International Airport waiting for my flight to return home after 36 hours of work and then business investment travel. Other than the five hours I slept last night, I have been up since 6AM Tuesday morning and I am looking forward to nap on the flight home and the train ride out of New York.
I wanted to take the free moment to thank all the Wallingford Voters that turned out to re-elect me to my former seat on the Wallingford Town Council. I will continue to say “I wish more people would come out to vote in local elections” not because I don’t appreciate the 31% that always do but more because I would rather see us turn out 50% or more for a local election and put people into office with conviction. 31% isn’t conviction. I still believe there is a line between complacency and indifference and that it is a very thin one.

I want people to be involved. I want their interaction at the meetings. I want their messages. I want them engaged. I hope to encourage that over the next two years and as part of my second term as your Councilor.
Regardless of the above; I do appreciate the support from the voters and I am honored to serve.

The POLITICS is now over Wallingford; time to be the statesmen we were elected to be and serve the public that entrusted us with their vote. 

See you in January.



Friday, October 16, 2015

2015 Election - Links to Town Council candidate opinions on the issues and my own stand on them

For those of you that are interested in where all the candidates stand on issues that are impacting Wallingford please see the listings on the Record Journal website.

ALL CANDIDATES - Arts and Culture

ALL CANDIDATES - Public Safety

ALL CANDIDATES - Environment




My points on them are as follows:

Taxes: As long as there are salary increases, there will be increases in the cost of running the town, and therefore tax increases. What CAN be done to hold that line is to execute smart, economical, spending. Job consolidations upon retirements, where cross training of duties is done proactive to the retirements, so that retired positions can be filled by remaining workers or by new ones in a part time capacity, rather than at a full time equivalent, where expensive benefits and pensions further impact the bottom line.

Job/Local Economy: Wallingford’s low utilities are no longer the siren song to businesses as they used to be. Businesses now have their own co-generation potential and utility subsidy packages available to them. We need to aggressively market Wallingford as THE central business location in Connecticut from a highway / transportation as well as employee pool perspective.

Education: The Wallingford Superintendent of Schools and the Wallingford Board of Education has an annual plan as well as a five year strategic roadmap. To better prepare our children for the global, competitive, employment landscape, we need to creatively fund and support their efforts.   

Environment: Wallingford needs to be a responsible citizen when it comes to our environment by carefully planning and supporting efforts to clean up and maintain our waterways and our undeveloped areas. These need to be carefully weighed under their costs but as much as can be done with what we have at our disposal should be encouraged and positively supported. 

Public Safety: The safety of all our citizens is one of our top priorities. This is not an issue of “throw a ton of money at it” – that has never solved a single issue. We need to be vigilant in our efforts to have a safe town through police initiatives and community efforts. The more citizens, homeowners, and businesses that are invested in the effort, the more successful we will be.  


Arts/Culture in the community: Wallingford can choose to be a bedroom town or a thriving community. The former is a place where everyone lives and their kids go to school; where the adults, for the most part, leave to other locations for work and then lay their head at night. The latter is an involved and integrated community effort between the town itself, the students, residents, and the businesses that want Wallingford to reach its potential through shared participation of events and recreation for everyone to take part in, enjoy, and be proud of.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Jason Zandri - Candidate for Wallingford Town Council

Jason Zandri - Candidate for Wallingford Town Council

After numerous discussions with my family, mainly my kids and what it means to my time with them at home and the possible impact to our vacations together, and theirs to Poland, I have decided to enter the race for a seat back on the Wallingford Town Council.

There is always more work to do to keep our town a vibrant, evolving, and prevalent community and I want to be part of that solution.

I believe I have shown my ability to do that, with my serving prior on the Council as well as my successful efforts six years as President of the Wallingford Fireworks Fund that has restored the celebration of the birth of this great nation.

There's an old saying that goes like this: "I love my country - it's the government I am not so fond of."

The people elect the government. At the very least, if you are unhappy with it you should vote for change. At the most, you should get directly involved, if you think you have the skill and ability.

I believe I do and I have had the support of the people in the past. I hope I can count on it again in 2015.

Thank you.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

With the end of my 2012–2013 term we will shift all topical posts to Wallingford Politico

With the ending of my campaign for Mayor and my 2012-2013 election term we will shift all topical related posts over to Wallingford Politico.

This blog will remain searchable and stay online for the data it contains.

Thank you again for all the support over the past 12 months of the campaign for Mayor and over my term on the Wallingford Town Council.